Lubimenya to Crowdfund its new Avant-Garde Collection

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LubiMenya (meaning “love me” in Russian) has been selected to participate in the launch of the world’s first crowdfunding platform for fashion designers, known as “Curated Crowd”. Founded by Marianna Molchanova, LubiMenya is an exciting new brand of clothing, based in London and Russia, and its latest collection, which is available for crowdfunding only, is inspired by the avant-garde art movement. Next month it will be the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, so it’s timely for LubiMenya to be in the spotlight, highlighting the work of brilliant artists of that time such as Kandinsky, Malevich and Lissitzky. The fashion house uses different historical images and transforms them into quirky, digitally-produced designs, making art both accessible and fun. In this way, each eye-catching garment tells its own intriguing story.

Lubimenya Katia Elizarova crowdfunding fashion

Malevich LubiMenya avant garde малевич авангард любименя

Curated Crowd is an online platform that brings together talented designers and fashion lovers to give life to either a new collection or even a fashion show.

“Crowdfunding is a social driver for new exciting projects in many different industries. Its advantage is that people can decide for themselves if they like the idea of a project and choose either to support it or not. And now crowdfunding is available in the fashion industry too. So it’s a great chance for people to decide what’s trendy and appealing in their opinion and to support it – as usually it’s the fashion industry itself that dictates what’s trendy to wear,” said Marianna Molchanova.


Kandinsky Anchor print lubimenya Кандинский авангард Kandinsky Malevich Lubimenya designer Кандинский Малевич

She added, “Crowdfunding also gives us the chance to offer our products at a reduced price. So for everyone who wants to contribute to fashion and make a difference, we’d like you to participate in funding our new collection.”…/avant-garde-art-lubimenya/

Ada Zhao of Curated Crowd commented, “Curated Crowd was born to maximize the power of digitization and to empower the two key players in the fashion ecosystem: designers and consumers. The idea is to cut out the traditional middleman to enable designers with authentic brand stories to connect with their fashion consumer patrons directly.”

Katia Elizarova Lubimenya Mondrian авангард Мондриан

Kandinsky Lissitzky Lubimenya авангард Лисицкий Кандинский


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