Barena Venezia Patchwork Trousers

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67% Virgin Wool 

28% Polyester 

5% Cashmere 

The brand’s history reaches all the way back to 1961 when its founder, Sandro Zara, got his start in the fashion industry. Zara, a Venetian entrepreneur, began his career as an agent for a textile company.  He uncovered original patterns and stitching books, which eventually became the main source for Barena collections. 

The inspiration for Barena traces back to the style of the rural inhabitants of Venice: in fact, Barena derives its name from the term “baro,” which in Italian translates to “emerged lands”a reference to a key feature of the Venetian landscape where both hunting and fishing were practiced by a slow sailing on a “Sanpierotta”, the flat-bottom boat depicted on the brand’s recognisable logo.