Francesca Jewellery - Pink Tassel Necklace

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Pink tassel necklace on a long delicate silver chain is a trendy addition to our jewellery collection. Top of the tassel is inlaid in delicate Swarovski crystals.

This gentle pink colour is perfect for everyone! It's easy to wear and suitable for any occasion.

Little sparkles on the head of the tassel add charm to this elegant and playful necklace.

Total length including the tassel - 50cm, tassel length on its own - 6.5cm.

Francesca Jewellery are designers from Italy based in London. We create unique jewellery which are hand made of precious and decorative materials.

Francesca Jewellery are designers from London. We create unique jewellery which are made of precious and decorative materials of high quality. Each piece of Francesca jewellery is carefully hand crafted in Puglia, South of Italy. With some of our jewelleries are made in UK.

We use traditional techniques of Italian craftsmanship combined with elegant and contemporary designs. Our creations are aimed at enhancing your grace, beauty and elegance. Our collections are drawing inspiration from both traditional and contemporary fashion and appear as a form of individual’s expression.

We use a range of materials and unique combinations including Italian Rhodium silver, natural and high quality Majorica pearls, crystals and beautiful precious, semi-precious and decorative stones.

Italian Rhodium silver is made using a Rhodium plating technique by applying a layer of white rhodium to the surface of the jewellery piece. Such rhodium-plated silver jewellery dramatically increases durability, brightness and luster of the finish, and is highly resistant to scratching and abrasion. It is harmoniously combined with pearls, semi-precious and precious stones used in our designs.

In addition, our Rhodium plated silver jewellery do not change color and do not cause allergic reactions.