Masterpeace Velvet Dress With Collar - Size L

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Fits slightly big 

Masterpeace is a clothing, jewelry and accessories brand founded in Moscow in 2012 by Evgenia Linovich. Inspired by the richness of ancient Russian fine arts and crafts, the Masterpeace collection is an avantgarde reinvention of its nation’s noble heritage, preserving 100% of its eccentricity.

MASTERPEACE is sustainability oriented brand using patchwork technique in their collections so there are no leftovers of the fabrics. 

MASTERPEACE embroidery and knitting is made by women embroiderers and knitters who live is small villages across the country therefore creating working places. Each embroidery is hand made by skilled professionals all over Russia. 

Masterpeace can be seen in suck publications as Harper’s Bazaar US, Vogue Japan,, Arabia, Buro 24/7, Allure Russia, and L’Officiel Russia, As If, Porter Magazine, CR Fashion Book and others.