Zeus +Dione - Attic Blouse - Black Silk

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With creativity, design and culture at its core, Zeus+Dione was born from a passion to revive and redefine the local craft of artisans all over Greece, producing pieces
that go beyond tradition, exceptional quality and fashion.
Each piece is innovative, yet classical, contemporary yet timeless, conceptualizing a new lifestyle that speaks to those who seek something rare.

Each custom made textile is weaved, dyed, embroidered and cut by expert artisans utilizing traditional techniques with a contemporary edge. Zeus+Dione’s exclusive silk textiles are crafted uniquely for the brand in Soufli, a town in Northern east part of Greece with a long history in producing fine silk. Silk shirts are embroidered in Argos and Metsovo, while dresses and skirts are knitted by the craftswomen of the Cyclades and Attica. Beyond the production of custom textiles, selected designs are adorned with traditional patterns and intricate motifs handwoven in Crete, ensuring an elegant signature collection every season.

Crafted with architectural precision, this refined silk blouse features a mao collar and contrasting front placket, marrying tones of gold, black and white. The large sleeves boast a generous slit and the wide cuff is adorned with gold thread weaved within the silk.

Pair it with shorts, jeans and perfectly with Zeus & Dione's Themis Pants in black.

100% Silk Black shirt with white and gold detailing