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Gioielli DOP

Gioielli DOP - Red Aubergine Cufflinks x 1 pair

Gioielli DOP - Red Aubergine Cufflinks x 1 pair

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1 pair

Material: Sterling Silver and Enamel

Handmade in Italy

Gioielli DOP is a hymn to the Mediterranean lifestyle, the product of sunshine and colors, happiness and friendship, traditions and warmth of the Italian family.

We proudly celebrate Italian Arts and Culture, Food Heritage and Craftsmanship, the “3B’s”, as we call them: Bello (Beautiful), Buono (Delicious) and Ben fatto (Well-made).

DOP (PDO in English) stands for Protected Designation of Origin: starting from our local food products, we invite you to enjoy a journey throughout Italy to discover and wear the Great Beauty of our country. Gioielli DOP is a composable jewelry collection featuring traditional Italian delicacies, local cultural icons and good luck charms in sterling silver and enamels.

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